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A future-proof tech skill set

As a developer, you should be on top of innovations to keep your organization moving forward. This is certainly the case for developers working in digital native organizations. Since digital natives are tech-based, keeping your skill set up to date is essential. This is easier said than done in the constantly evolving field of technology, but we have something that could help you. In this article, we will describe two technological developments that will be especially important in the future. We also give you the opportunity to learn more about them directly during our ongoing Cloud Hero Game that is open to join until May 26th. 

A future-proof skill set
As a developer, it can feel like you are expected to know a lot about everything. There are many variations in the ways you can write code, store data, or manage infrastructure. It is often unclear which skills matter the most. A recently published research by Indeed shows that containerization and cloud computing are among the major trends shaking up the tech world. We will discuss what these developments mean for the future tech skills of developers. 

First up is cloud services. Cloud services, like our own Google Cloud, can reduce costs while boosting efficiency, security and scalability. But with the use of these technologies comes new skill requirements for developers. These skills range from understanding virtual cloud networks and cloud architecture to knowing how to effectively and safely store data in the cloud. 

Second is containerization. Containerization is about bundling an application together with the libraries, dependencies, and configuration files it needs to run smoothly through multiple computing environments. At Google, we developed Kubernetes to support containerization in the cloud. In doing so, Kubernetes has become the most popular solution for managing production tasks in containers. Let us explain it a little better to you. 

Powering development with Kubernetes
Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system that helps to automate application deployment, scaling and management. It therefore improves reliability while it saves you the effort of continuously managing various applications on different servers, allowing you to spend time more efficiently. Kubernetes aims to provide a platform to automate deployment, operations and scaling of application containers across clusters of hosts. Cloud services often work with a PaaS or IaaS on which Kubernetes can be used as a platform-providing service.

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