Google Cloud

Staying on top of your game with Google App Modernization and Kubernetes Lab

80% of CIOs and CTOs say their company hasn’t reached the IT agility it needs. Even companies born in the cloud have to continually work on improving their agility. This quest however often results in the sacrifice of speed for security, or preferred tools for uniformity. Google can help you modernize or build new apps across hybrid and multi-cloud alike, by strengthening your developers with the right skills and means.

To help your developers improve their skills, Google offers a competitive online course that is now open to join until May 26th. Google Engineers give participants new insights during our App Modernization and Kubernetes Lab that is available to stream on demand. As a next step, participants can apply these new skills competing with peer developers in our ongoing Cloud Hero Game, whilst upskilling themselves from home and providing them with new connections and certifications. 

To conclude: join our ongoing Cloud Hero Game with certifications to gain, people to meet and awesome prizes to win. Click here to watch the App Modernization and Kubernetes Lab on demand and to start competing. The Cloud Hero Game is on until May 26th.