Google Cloud

Breaking something down, to build something up

Tools to break things safely

A good technical foundation is essential for businesses to thrive. Whether your company is a start-up or a unicorn, technology will help you innovate fast. With years of experience at Google, we have built a solid base of technological solutions that will help any of our users to achieve their goals. Please continue reading more about these solutions and what they can do for you.

To build something up, it is important to experiment in order to discover new opportunities. The shift of turning information into insights plays a crucial role in this process. BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse. It is designed to help you make informed decisions quickly and effectively, revealing new insights with real-time and predictive analytics, while protecting your data so you can operate with trust. Use BigQuery to migrate data, apply machine learning principles, and combine data with other interesting Google tools. With the solid foundation that BigQuery gives to your business, you will be able to put more time and energy into things like innovation and new product development.

Take a look at a short overview of the many possibilities offered by Google BigQuery: Google BigQuery - Analytics Data Warehouse

Some examples of our clients who are already using BigQuery effectively are UPS, American Eagle, 20th Century Fox, and Grasshopper. Click here to learn more about such customer cases.

Cloud Storage
Big data also requires big storage capacity. Google Cloud Storage provides worldwide and highly durable object storage that scales to exabytes of data. Access data instantly from any storage class; integrate storage into your applications with a single unified API, and easily optimize price and performance. To be able to break things down safely, Cloud Storage will provide your business with enough storage space to experiment with new products, new ways of working or new prototypes. Clients who are already using Cloud Storage include Spotify, Broad Institute, Zulily, and King.

Security Key Enforcement
Security is an essential condition for breaking things down safely. In order for you to experiment with your data, you need a secure environment. With our built-in Security Key Enforcement in G Suite, your data is well protected from account takeovers. Two-factor authentication (2FA) with a FIDO security key makes sure there is a double check as to which user is logging into a certain service. FIDO security keys provide the strongest account protection against automated bots, bulk phishing, and targeted attacks. Read more about security and 2FA in this article.

Case: Grasshopper
Grasshopper, a proprietary trading firm in Singapore, has worked with our Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for quite a while. Initially, their goal was to improve and scale their quantitative research capabilities, by creating a research infrastructure accessible to team members that wouldn’t limit their work. The firm needed reliable, accurate, and stable data processing pipelines. With the use of BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow, Grasshopper makes near real-time trading decisions and develops various trading strategies. These tools have helped Grasshopper researchers to think big about their possibilities.

“Grasshopper researchers’ imaginations aren’t limited by what the infrastructure can do. We’ve resolved their data reliability, data accuracy, and stability issues by using GCP. Internal users can now all work with this data in the knowledge that it is reliable and correct.”

— Tan T. Kiang, Grasshopper’s CTO

Read more about Grasshopper’s use of the GCP here, or check out this example of how to spin up a GCP environment with SolaceIO and Cloud Dataflow. You can combine the different tools on the GCP platform, break things down safely, and build them up better than ever before!