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Take your customer on a smooth journey

40% of online purchases occur on mobile phones. Online shops want to make the purchasing process as easy and as frictionless as possible. Friction is everything that the customer may find annoying or unnecessary during a purchasing procedure. Reducing friction mainly means removing obstacles at the checkout. What are the best practices?

It is important to identify the friction points to provide an optimal customer journey. According to a Baymard Institute survey, 87% of consumers consider the checkout process one of the biggest friction points during a purchase. 70% of customers leave their online shopping basket due to friction (e.g., they need to create an account or experience restricted pay methods). 28% out of that 70% abandon their purchase because the checkout is too long and/or difficult.

Less friction and more safety during the customer journey
To ease the customer journey, companies can speed up the checkout using digital devices and technology. With the cross-cloud API management platform Apigee, Alphabet (Google's parent company) helps to build and develop simple, modern, and secure checkout procedures. Thanks to AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), Google has developed various tools to reduce friction during a purchase: Google Pay and Google Shopping. These tools help to improve the checkout and payment experience. With this technology and instruments, Google wants to ensure an easy customer journey and prevent friction.  

Secure with Google
Buying on a mobile phone must be secure, easy and fast for users. That is the goal of Google Pay. An increasing amount of applications use biometric data for extra security and speed. Google Pay offers a secure method for fast mobile payments with fingerprint and face recognition.

Google has introduced an additional easy and secure measure: now you can securely store your payment details and method in your Google Account. For future purchases, Google Pay automatically uses your previously entered data and payment method. Customers' payment details are end-to-end encrypted from Google's servers to the company's servers. In this way, Google guarantees the privacy and data protection of you as a customer.


Enjoy your customer journey!
The challenge is to reduce friction as much as possible and make the customer journey faster and more secure. Similar to chess, the one who makes the least mistakes wins, namely the one with the least friction. We help you with every step your company takes to improve the checkout process and thus make mobile customer journeys more pleasant.